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Cooper Landing Directories

Directory Listings 

The Cooper Landing Directory is the local phone book for Cooper Landing residents. Originally started by Mayme Ohnemus and passed to Cooper Landing Community School, then the Community Club, the directories have been a community thread and staple for close to two decades! 

Click on a button below to be taken directly to the listing forms.  

Its time again to update the directory

The Cooper Landing Directory is typically updated on a two-year basis. We are in the process of collecting and updating contact information for the 2024-2025 Directory. This Directory is for Cooper Landing Residents Only and is not available for anyone outside of the Cooper Landing Area. If you are a Cooper Landing based organization, resident, or business and would like to add or update your contact information please click on the links below to do so.  

Non-profit Organization, Churches, Community Groups, etc. 

Residents of the Cooper Landing Community. 

For profit entities within the Cooper Landing Community.  

Paid Advertising Forms

Are you interested in placing an ad in the Community Directory? Paid advertising space is available on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in putting your business or organization's ad into the directory click on the box below.


Questions about the Directory

Common questions and answers in regard to the directory are listed below:

  • How can I be added to the directory and/or how can I update my information?

    • You may be added to the directory by submitting a directory request form or by contacting a member of the Cooper Landing Community Club. 

  • Where can a directory request form be found?

    • A directory request form can be found on the Cooper Landing Community Club's web-page. There are three separate forms available:  one for organizations, one for residents, and one for businesses

  • Who is the directory for? 

    • The Cooper Landing Directory was created in good faith and is intended for the use of our local community members, to strengthen the bonds between our local residents and businesses. ​

    • It is not intended for use by solicitors, legal investigators, politicians, or professionals for personal gain. 

    • Please respect the privacy of our community members. 

  • How do I know if I qualify to be added to the directory?

    •  Residents qualify to be included in the Directory by meeting at least one of the following criteria:

      • If you own property in Cooper Landing.

      • If you have lived in Cooper Landing at least one complete year.

      • If you own a business in Cooper Landing.  

      • If you have a post office box in Cooper Landing.

      • If your children are enrolled at the Cooper Landing School.

      • If you have worked seasonally at least twice.

  • How much does it cost to be added to the directory?

    • Organizational, residential, and business listings are free. Paid business advertising is available.

  • If I forget to submit a directory request form by the deadline date, but I still want my information updated what can I do?

    • Unfortunately, once the final product has gone to print there in now way for us to include your information. 

  • If I own a business can I advertise in the directory?

    • Yes, there a several paid ad spaces available.  Submit a Business Listing Form and include the type of advertisement space you would like to have. Payment information and size of ads available can be found on the Business Listing page.

  • What information can I include in the directory?

    • Residents may include his/her ​Home Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Post Office Box Number, Physical Address, and Website address. You are not required to provide all of the above, only the items you would like. 


  • What happens if I move?

    • You may provide your new contact information of your new residency for one complete year before being removed.

  • When will I be taken out of the directory?

    • When we cannot get a hold of you after three attempts.

    • Two years after you have moved away from Cooper Landing.

    • If you request to be removed.

    • If you have not paid your advertising space fees. 

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