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The hall is rented between 8 AM and 10 PM unless other arrangements are approved. Setup and cleanup outside the stated hours requires approval and may incur additional charges. Entrance gates close at 10 PM. To ensure access to the hall at 8 AM the day of the event, keys can be checked out the day before by contacting the Hall Rental Coordinator and arranging a meeting time. A walk through to ensure hall quality is required both at the time of check-in and at the time of check-out.

All events must be concluded by 10 PM unless other arrangements with the Cooper Landing Community Club (CLCC) Officers are made and confirmed in writing. If renting the hall for multiple days, please wrap up events before 12 AM. All vendors, equipment, visitors, and cleaning personnel must be out of the building by 12 AM. Renter is responsible for
cleaning the hall after use. Any damage to the hall during the rented time-frame is solely the responsibility of the renter. CLCC reserves the right to bill the renter for any damages. Please review cleaning checklist for a complete list of renter responsibilities.

1. The Cooper Landing Community Library must be able to operate without interference. This means noise needs to be kept to a reasonable level and guest parking must not block library access.

2. The Hall is a Non-smoking facility. Smoking is allowed outside under the pavilion.
3. Minors must be accompanied by adult supervision.
4. No pets are allowed inside of the Hall. Please pick up after your pet in the outdoor facility.
5. Camping, RV overnight parking, and sleeping in the Hall are prohibited.
6. The premises shall not be sublet, nor used for any purpose other than reserved for.
7. The sale of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.
8. Decorations must not damage the walls, floors, or trusses of the building. No alterations, no remodeling, and no nails or glue should be used to hang decorations. Damage to the building will result in additional charges.
9. The sinks in the kitchen are to be used for specific purposes. The large sinks on the east end are for washing dishes. The sinks on the south wall are for washing hands and prepping food. Sinks are labeled.
10. Please do not use any of the products stored in the labelled cabinets. Several groups pay a yearly fee to store items in these cabinets.

Reservations and Security Deposit

Reservations may be made up to a year in advance. A 50% rental deposit is required to hold your rental date and is due within seven days of signing the rental agreement. All Social events require a refundable $500 dollar security deposit. The security deposit will be refunded to you within 30 days after the event, minus any charges for damages. Damages will be accessed at the time of check-out. Additional fees may incur for any major damages. Any cleaning/checklist items that must be done on your behalf will be charged $50 per hour (see attached sheet for details). Any person renting the Community Hall must be in attendance at the event. 

Payment & Cancellation

Full payment is due 60 days prior to your event date. Cash, personal check, or money orders are accepted. All rentals will be charged a one time 3% Kenai Peninsula Borough tax; not to exceed $15 dollars. Donations in excess of rental amount always welcome. We are a 501c3 organization. All payments should be made out to Cooper Landing Community Club.

In order to receive a full refund of your rental fee, your cancellation must be received either in writing or by phone at least 60 days prior to your reservation date. If you cancel less than 60 days prior to your reservation date only your security deposit will be refunded.

Our Policies

Terms and General Rules 
Community Hall Restrictions
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