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Ski Cooper Landing
Russian River Campground
Cooper Landing Nordic Ski Club

Looking for a weekend getaway or afternoon activity? How about visiting the Cooper Landing Ski Trails for an adventure the whole family will enjoy?

Our groomed trails are easy to access. Volunteers groom 15 miles of snow trails tracks in the Russian River Campground, the end of Quartz Creek Road, and Devils Creek Trailhead. 

About the Cooper Landing Nordic Ski Club

Watch the video above to learn more about the groomed trails in the Russian River Campground. 

The Cooper Landing Nordic Ski Club was established in 2009 with an aim to improve winter recreation opportunities around the Upper Kenai. Volunteers put in hundreds of hours each year to make that dream into reality. 

Click the button below to find out the current conditions of the snow trails around Cooper Landing!

Our Partners:


If you have enjoyed the ski trails and would like to support our volunteer efforts you may donate by clicking on the button below. 

Perfect for all ages and skill levels

The Cooper Landing Ski Trails are great for all ages. Young and old alike can enjoy the meandering terrain as it passes through the evergreen forest and curves downward toward the Russian River. Take in the view of the snowy alpine peaks of the Kenai Mountain Range as they stand tall in the afternoon sun.

Russian River Ski Map
Kenai River Winter
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